President, Board, and Members

 Management Committee

(Ryerson students/staff/alumni are underlined.)

  • Jordan Kilfoy, Student President
  • Joyce Fu, Vice-President, Administration
  • Rebecca Williamson, Vice-President, Marketing
  • Sayna Zarifi, Vice-President, General Affairs
  • Kenneth McDonald, Vice President, General Affairs
  • Rae Chang, Vice President, General Affairs
  • Susie Fung, Manager and Treasurer
  • Eleanor Bishop, Section Helper
  • Claire Brascoupé, Webmaster
  • Jason Dasco, Stage Manager
  • Freya Godard, Programs
  • Nobue Khan, Section Helper, Hospitality/Event Co-ordinator
  • William Lee, Section Helper
  • Tami Strong, Administration and Music
  • Matthew Jaskiewicz, Music Director

Jordan Kilfoy, Student President

Jordan Kilfoy is a 4th year Computer Science major and a tenor with the Oakham House Choir. This is his third year with the choir.
“I am proud to say that this community has blessed me with many beautiful memories and experiences I will cherish for years to come. As President, I will strive to have every new member experience the joy and passion I have with the choir.”


Our Members

Our members include active students and alumni, faculty and others from the Ryerson community as well as community members. The choir is divided into soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections.

How do I join the choir?

Our first practice of the season will be held on Tuesday September 3rd, with registration starting at 6pm. Regular rehearsals are held on Mondays from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. For a full list of our fall rehearsals and important dates click here.

The choir rehearses in Oakham Lounge, which is on the 2nd floor of Oakham House. Oakham House is at 63 Gould Street, on the southwest corner of Church and Gould.

Want more information? Please contact us at (preferred) or call Matthew Jaskiewicz, our Choir Director, at 416-763-8746.

See our attached Registration Form

Do I need to have a trained voice?

Although experience reading music and singing in a choir is a major asset, Ryerson students, alumni, and current and retired staff and faculty are welcome as long as they can sing in tune and hold the tune against other harmonizing voices. Regular attendance at rehearsals is necessary. We promise you that your voice will improve.

We expect that we will have some space for new members in September 2019. Preference will be given to experienced choristers who can read music. New members will be asked to sing for the Director.

Do I need to be associated with Ryerson?

No. Many members of the choir are Ryerson students, alumni or faculty members, but community members are also very welcome in the choir. New community members interested in joining the choir should contact us ( to make sure that we have room.

Do I have to audition?

The Director will want to hear you sing some simple exercises to place you as a soprano, an alto, a tenor or a bass. Non-Ryerson community members will be asked to audition.

Does it cost anything to join?

No, not if you are a registered Ryerson student – you have contributed to Oakham House through your fees and there is no charge. Ryerson Alumni, Faculty and staff pay a fee of $10/season and persons from outside Ryerson community, however, pay a fee of about $100 per semester, which goes towards concert costs. Music costs are an extra $20 (for students) and $35 (for other members) per term, depending on the repertoire. Music is sold at rehearsals.